Afternoon Tease is another trendy cafe in Cambridge with a good look, a limited menu, and friendly staff you have to tolerate slightly wonky services from. We went for breakfast, but it does lots of cakes and cookies too. Inside it is perhaps describable as cupcakey, with hints of pastel blue and pink. Most of the tables are aligned along one wall with a bench seat running the length of the cafe. However these contain storage for some of the cafe supplies – at one point the staff made two tables’ worth of customers stand up for a couple of minutes when they needed to get icing sugar for something which seemed non-urgent. Our food was uninteresting but good for what it was. 
We had eggs on toast (sourdough, of course!) with and without bacon. The bread was nice, laced with oil and salt, and the toppings were fine, though the bacon was described as a bit too salty.