Bia Vegan Diner in Norwich isn’t actually a diner, rather it is a market stall selling street food. It seems to have come from a food truck, and is doing rather well with its range of American inspired vegan food. In the middle of Norwich market, it is run by a pair of vegan cooks, who are nice and happy to explain stuff to you. They change their menu each week but usually have a selection from the selection posted on their website. They also have a few US soda drinks: cherry, root beer and cola. I only had one dish and a drink, but I was impressed.

Bia Vegan Diner, Norwich
Bap, Bia, Norwich
I had a breakfast bap, which is a bread roll spread with baconnaise (their own smoky mayo, which is nice if a little sharp), filled with scrambled tofu (quite an egg-like texture) and a sosmix patty (a textured soya protein, flavoured very well with sage and onion). I really enjoyed it, and it left me quite full. At £3.50, plus £2 for the black cherry soda I had (a little sweet, but a good flavour), it was good value and I plan to try some more of their food. After that I might bump up the score.

Drinks, Bia, Norwich

Bia has a website at which will give you an idea of the meals they offer, including various hot dogs and burgers. The stall is in Row B of the market, in units 54/55. 

Sign, Bia, Norwich