El Guaca is a Mexican restaurant chain with a few outlets in Essex, which has recently expanded into Newmarket. It is appropriately brightly coloured, with sugar skulls, day of the dead, and Mexican fauna depicted on the walls. The staff were mostly efficient, but there was one moment when my friend nearly had to stand and shout to get some attention! They do the standard range of tortilla wrapped meat and vegetables. 

Interior, El Guaca, Newmarket

My friend and I had the beef and vegetarian chimichangas respectively (in a tribute to Deadpool). He would have preferred pork, but it was still marinating, which testifies to the freshness of their fillings. These came with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo (bit bland), and lightly spiced rice, which friend compared unfavourably with Nando’s version. The tortilla itself was a bit soft – I prefer a really crispy chimichanga, to hammer home the unhealthiness! I asked for ‘extra kick’, which made the spice level noticeable in my bean and cheese blend, but didn’t really elevate it to something exciting. Mate was similarly unimpressed with his beef; nice enough but nothing special.

Chimichanga and coleslaw, El Guaca, Newmarket
We also shared portions of jalapeño coleslaw (bad coleslaw with a small amount of chopped chillies), seasoned fries (OK), and jalapeño cheese fries (the seasoned fries, made soggy and slimy thanks to American style squeeze cheese, with a little chilli mixed in).

Slimy chips, El Guaca, Newmarket
The food and surroundings were fine, but neither of us felt a need to go back; however if you fancy a Mexican in Newmarket, it’s an alright place.

Website: http://www.elguaca.co.uk/newmarket-menus/

Telephone: 01638665345

Address: Unit 1/2, 4 Exeter Road, CB88LT

It’s near the clock roundabout – turn left at this from the High Street.