I don’t often visit Burger King, as I’m not fond of their bean burger, but when travelling through Dubai I saw an advert for Dynamite Jalapeño Cheese Fries, so felt I pretty much had to. This dish seems to be available in a few middle eastern countries, and consists of chips with chillies, ‘tex-mex sauce’, American style slime cheese and dried onions. I asked for extra spicy, and they added more of everything, which was good.

Veggie meal with dynamite, Burger King, Dubai Airport

The chips themselves are OK, and a bit thicker than most fast food offerings, and the toppings are just what I like – savoury, spicy and crunchy. Would have been nicer to have had real cheese, but what can you do? As ever the bean burger was soggy and disappointing, but at least they provided some ‘fiery sauce’ to liven it up. This sauce also seems to be limited to the Middle East. Total cost for burger, chips and a drink was 33 AED, which is around £6.50.

It’s like a normal Burger King with the standard seating, atmosphere and staff, except it is on an airport concourse so a little worse. If you like spicy food and can tolerate this, then you might want to visit for the dynamite chips. Otherwise only for King fans.

Address: Concourse 2, Dubai Airport

Telephone: 600522224

Website: http://www.bkuae.com