A very brief review for an excellent market stall in Cambridge. The Cambridge Scotch Egg Company is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, though it moves around the market and is in a different place on each day – however on Sundays it is opposite the entrance to Marks and Spencer. Unsurprisingly it sells Scotch eggs of various types, using free range eggs and pork, and has a number of special options such as black pudding or chorizo, plus one vegetarian option each day. If they don’t have the one you want, they will make it fresh if you don’t mind waiting. There are also various side dishes such as parsnip mash or sweet potato chips.

Egg, Cambridge Scotch Egg Company, Cambridge

When we visited, the vegetarian option was spinach and mushroom risotto. This was prepared fresh for us – and it was delicious. Rich mushroom and cream flavour offset by metallic spinach, surrounding a gooey egg. A perfect snack. Like an arancino with an egg in!

Stall, Cambridge Scotch Egg Company, Cambridge

I’m going to hold off on giving 5 points until I find someone to try a meat option, but I feel it is likely based on the risotto egg. I would definitely like to go back and try the other veggie choice of chilli and coriander. It’s £4 for the veggie eggs, and £4.50 for the meat ones.

Address: Market Square, Market Hill, Cambridge 
Website: http://www.thecambridgescotcheggcompany.co.uk