Vedanta is a fairly posh curry house in Cambridge. It claims influences from across India, and this is made clear on the menu, with many dishes named after Indian cities. It’s actually quite a small menu, which is interesting for a British Indian, as often they try to cover every dish and style imaginable. Perhaps it allows them to focus on getting each one really good. It’s a busy place, with their tables not remaining empty for long, and it manages to feel intimate without being cramped. The staff are pretty attentive, and were very patient in putting up with diners’ questions about the food.

Interior, Vedanta, Cambridge

We shared a bunch of dishes, starting with achari paneer. This was three pieces of lightly fried, chewy, slightly sour cheese with a tamarind and yoghurt dip. Really nice, if a little small. 

Paneer, Vedanta, Cambridge

Kashmiri dum aloo was a lightly spiced potato dish, without lots of heat, but with a subtle flavour of cumin and mustard seed which permeated the well cooked vegetable.

Potato, Vedanta, Cambridge

Chole or chana masala, chick peas in sauce, is one of my favourite curry dishes whether cooked at home or in a restaurant, and Vedanta’s Punjabi chole was my favourite here too. Rich sauce, with plenty of heat and acidity, and the beans were cooked perfectly. 

Chick peas, Vedanta, Cambridge

Both of these dishes went well with the garlic naan. This was thin for a naan in the UK, and covered with almost raw garlic for a stronger flavour. Lovely.

Naan, Vedanta, Cambridge

The only dish I didn’t share was the chicken biryani, obviously. This came with a pastry lid baked over the pot, which was new to me. Fiancée thought the rice was good and had been cooked with the chicken, rather than stirred together, which she approved of. It was missing egg, in case that is a worry to you.

Biryani before, Vedanta, Cambridge

Biryani after, Vedanta, Cambridge

So overall the food was very good, the staff were nice and efficient, and it is quite comfortable to eat here. The only let down was the mango lassi which didn’t taste very fresh. Thoroughly recommended, and I intend to head back here to experience some of the other veggie options.
Vedanta is open Monday to Saturday for lunch at 12.30-14.30 and dinner at 18.00-23.00, while on Sunday it opens all day (12.30-21.00). It is on Regent Street, opposite the Prince Regent pub.
Address: 92 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB21DP

Telephone: 01223311111