Bangkok Joe’s is a Thai restaurant – well, sort of. It’s situated under/next to the Genting casino in Bristol, and has quite a nice interior, with some Thai influences, particularly downstairs. We asked about the menu, and the waitress explained that the owner was an American, so they didn’t do traditional Thai food. In fact many of the dishes on the menu were Malaysian, Chinese, or Japanese.

I have since rechecked their menu, and they now offer a few traditional Thai dishes plus some Vietnamese soups; both of the first two dishes below have now gone; nothing on the current dinner menu is marked as vegetarian, but the Pho Chay should be if it lives up to its name.

Squash curry, Bangkok Joe’s, Bristol

I had squash curry, which was made with coconut milk, and had a lot of soft tofu. It was quite well spiced, but a little sweet; extra chilli helped. Garlic rice was underpowered, though that was OK with the curry.

Ramen, Bangkok Joe’s, Bristol

Sloppy Joe ramen was noodle soup with lots of pork including chunks of roast pork and chilli pork mince. Fiancée liked it, except for the noodles being overcooked. 

Chilli chicken noodles, Bangkok Joe’s, Bristol

Friends had chilli chicken noodles (fried noodles with bland chicken plus a good chilli flavour) and gang penang (another coconut curry with lime chicken which they preferred). 

Gang Penang, Bangkok Joe’s, Bristol

Desserts of peanut brownie and banana spring roll went down well, as did the few beers we tried.

Bananas, Bangkok Joe’s, Bristol

Overall, the food was quite good, but the solo waitress struggled to keep on top of the busy restaurant. I’d be broadly happy to go back, although there aren’t many vegetarian options, and I’m sure there are better places nearby.

Address: 2 Portwall Lane, Bristol, BS16NB

Telephone: tel:01179251644