Ippudo is a small chain of Japanese restaurants with 3 outlets in KL which focus on ramen. We visited the branch in Bangsar Shopping Centre, and ended up sitting in the murky depths at the back of the restaurant, rather than the lighter front. The photo actually makes it look a lot brighter than it was. The interior is modern and functional rather than cosy Japanese, though I was amused by the wall of soup spoons in the booth to our left.

Interior, Ippudo, KL

I knew going in that there was unlikely to be a huge range of vegetarian options for me, but I decided a while ago I couldn’t expect people to accompany me only to restaurants where I would get exactly what I wanted. I therefore set my sights on the starter and dessert menus.

Corn, Ippudo, KL

Unfortunately, because the kitchen was too busy, they couldn’t do dessert. Wait, what? I settled on some corn fritters, which were bland and greasy, but improved when I made some chilli and sesame mayonnaise. That was it for me, except a humorous drink…

Pork bun, Ippudo, KL

Fiancée’s starter of pork in a steamed bun was fairly standard, but she did note the very fresh lettuce which added a bit of crunch. 

Ramen, Ippudo, KL

Later, her shiromatu motoaji ramen came with soggy noodles, rather than the firm ones she had ordered, and the broth needed quite a bit of garlic to make it nice. It had black fungus, spring onions, pork and egg which she enjoyed, though.

Mojito, Ippudo, KL

A little bit of a recovery came with the cider yuzu mojito, which was a refreshing mojito with delicious yuzu marmalade stirred in, and a bottle of cider balanced in such a way as to provide a gravity feed. I can’t recommend Ippudo, though, as the staff were dismissive, the food was so-so, and being busy is not a good reason for not serving a significant chunk of your menu. If you disagree, though, then head to Bangsar Shopping Centre and it’s on the ground floor, at the restaurant end.
Address: Lot G110 Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof, 59000 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +60320116238

Website: http://www.ippudo.com.my