La Bodega is an international chain of tapas restaurants, with several in KL and three in the Bangsar area alone (two are next door to each other, with the Deli branch offering fewer items but more of a deli experience). It also has one in Melaka. EDIT – actually, the Melaka branch has closed.

Interior, La Bodega, Melaka

We have visited the ones at Bangsar ‘town’, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Pavilion and Melaka. They serve tapas and raciones and have quite a good range.

Interior, La Bodega, Bangsar

The decor is chain-style Spanish, but there are a few flair touches, particularly in Melaka’s Shore Mall which has nice glass panels and tiles. Staff vary, with Melaka and Bangsar town having the best, while in the KL malls they aren’t as good.

La Bodega, BSC, KL


There’s a good choice of imported beers including Belgian options, and the cocktails and sangria are OK.

Food, La Bodega, Melaka

My favourite dish was the Pisto Manchego, a ratatouille like dish of salty tomatoes, peppers, courgette, aubergine and potato, with a poached egg on top, but the slightly runny tortilla (Spanish omelette), aioli, and (I’m told) Pescaito Frito – fried fish platter with bass, calamari and prawns – is very good too.

Chicken, La Bodega, BSC, KL


Chicken skewers are apparently quite spicy and taste good, though there are only two of them which seems stingy, especially when there are more meat-eaters than that!

Potatoes, La Bodega, BSC, KL

The patatas bravas were really nice, with the potato chunks seeming to have been fried in smoked paprika. The Gunner drink is a mix of ginger ale, lemon and angostura, and was very refreshing. Coffee is good too.

Half-eaten food, La Bodega, Bangsar

I haven’t given a big score because the experience varies so much and because portion size is pretty small for the cost, but I will probably go back to La Bodega – especially to the attractive Melaka branch – because it can cater for a variety of people.


Address: Lots – check the internet for your nearest.