Murni Discovery is a local chain of mamaks with 8 outlets in the suburbs of KL. It serves roti, naan, rice and noodle dishes. We have been to the SS2 branch a few times, which consists of two adjacent restaurants, and as the original Murni it is very, very busy.

Interior, Murni, KL

The right hand side is air conditioned and has big screens to broadcast major sporting events, and when these are on there is an extra menu with fried snacks.

Big screen, Murni, KL

Staff rush around with designated table cleaners, servers and order takers, who use iPads to transmit the orders to the kitchen. You need to speak Malay to order, really.

Mee Raja, Murni, KL

Mee Raja is a Sarawakian dish with squid, crab stick, chicken, greens, carrot and prawns stirred into plain fried noodles. I’m told it has a really good onion and seafood flavour.

Raja Mee with beef, Murni, KL

However when served with ‘beef steak’ – which actually looked like boiled beef which had been breaded and fried – it also comes with a selection of average quality fries, onion crackers and pepper sauce. The beef was awful, apparently.

Roti Hawaiian, Murni, KL

Roti Hawaiian is minced chicken, scrambled egg, frankfurters and pineapple wrapped in soft flatbread, topped with a spider’s web of mayo and served with chilli sauce, chicken curry and dhal. It could apparently have used more pineapple, but seemed to go down pretty quickly anyway!

Triple cheese naan, Murni, KL

Triple cheese naan topped with chilli was served with dhal, chicken curry and condensed milk. Great bread – crunchy on the outside then fluffy inside before you encounter the gooey cheese, while the chilli on the top was seriously spicy. Dhal was savoury and thick, and the milk was…interesting with the spice. We didn’t eat the chicken curry (we asked not to have it, but the kitchen added it).

Garlic chilli naan, Murni, KL

Garlic and chilli naan was similar in that it looked dense but was actually quite light. The dhal is still OK, but this came with a very good chutney of coriander, mint and chilli which was sour, spicy and salty.

Lily special, Murni, KL

Lily special was four layers of ice blended fruit juice, with kiwi, mango, grape and melon, topped with longans and nata de coco. Really refreshing.

Calamansi special, Murni, KL

Calamansi Asam Boi special was another ice blended juice, this time with calamansi or kasturi lime juice and blended preserved sour plum, but also with longans and nata de coco. Salty, sweet and sour, it was so delicious I gave myself a brain freeze twice.

So the food is really good, and the crazy drinks are lovely too. 3 meals and drinks for less than RM40. Well worth a visit if you are nearby, and almost worth making a special trip (about 20 mins drive from KLCC) for. It’s in the Petaling Jaya area, near Damansara and quite close to Paradigm Mall. Drive to SS2 and look for the crowds of people…

Address: Jalan SS 2/75, Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 077334419