V Delight is a new vegetarian (“and healthy”) restaurant in KL which opened in December as part of the ‘Elite’ extension of Pavilion Mall. There are also vegan dishes available. It has now been open for 2 months, but doesn’t seem to have built much of a customer base. We were the only patrons for most of our visit, though there was a lad doing paperwork and we were joined by a Russian couple and a pair of solo mall workers. 

Water wall, V Delight, KL

Due to this, the staff were able to take complete care of us, though fiancée noted it was weird to have ten pairs of eyes on us as we dined. It’s a mix of nice and low budget as far as decor is concerned – I liked the flowers and the glass water wall, but the fake reclaimed wood tables were odd. 

Charcoal burger, V Delight, KL

Onto the food then, and I went for the craziness of a charcoal bun curry hash brown burger. Served with very dry crinkle chips, this was a hash brown with sweet curry sauce, mayo and fried bean curd skin slices. The bean curd provided quite a nice crunch, although I’m not sure that’s actually what most people really want in a burger (I like it). Charcoal bun was a bit dry and sweet, and as ever I don’t think it adds to the experience. So-so overall.

Bibimbap, V Delight, KL

Fiancée had bibimbap, which is a Korean rice dish with lots of vegetables and -usually – meat, and an egg. Here of course the meat was replaced, and it came with carrot, bean sprouts, greens, mushrooms and bean curd skin chips as above. There was also some very sour kimchi, and a small portion of spicy sauce, plus a fried egg (we were both expecting raw). Neither of us thought too much of it, finding it dry and bland, but another bowl of sauce improved it a little.

Watermelon, V Delight, KL

Watermelon juice was tasty, but very small considering it cost more than a whole watermelon! That’s value added, I suppose…

Interior, V Delight, KL

V Delight is probably the most expensive vegetarian restaurant I have visited in Malaysia, and its food is not up to the standard of Beyond Veggie and Simple Life which are the other upmarket veggie places. They both do better food at better prices. V Delight isn’t actually bad, but nor does it justify the high price. It could get better given time, I suppose. It’s on the 7th floor if you fancy giving it a try.
Address: Lot 7.100, Pavilion Elite, No.166, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0321105352

Website: http://www.vdelight.com.my