Ali’s Bistro is a mamak restaurant in the Taman Setiawangsa area of KL. It’s about as standard as these places get, selling Malay and Indian food at reasonable prices, served to you at your fan-cooled plastic table and chair. There is a TV which either shows football or Malay soap opera depending on when you are there.

Interior, Ali’s Bistro, KL

They have a nasi campur section selling rice with various dishes from which you take a selection and get a price, a roti stall and a fried noodle stall. 

Side dishes, Ali’s Bistro, KL

We took some dishes without the rice, going for an egg sambal which was sweet and well flavoured with tomato, a little kuih (here a savoury cake) which was like a doughnut with onion, chilli and cumin seeds, and a small salad of pineapple, chilli, onion, carrot and cucumber. The initial taste was too cucumbery for me, but the chilli heat and pineapple sweet and sourness cut through that quickly.

Chicken, Ali’s Bistro, KL

Fiancée tells me the chicken tikka was nicely flavoured and surprisingly moist, as these dishes can get quite dry under the hot lights.

Noodles, Ali’s Bistro, KL

She also had the Maggi goreng, which was fried Maggi curry noodles with greens, carrot and egg. Average quality.

Roti, Ali’s Bistro, KL

I went for roti telur, which is a crispy chewy hotplate fried bread with a layer of egg in the middle, served with dhal. Also average quality in every respect.

Exterior, Ali’s Bistro, KL

I like Ali’s as a place you can go back to regularly to get reasonable food at a OK price (RM20 for a main, 2 side dishes and a drink each for 2 people). If you have a similar shop nearby, there’s no need to travel, but if you are in the area it’s perfectly acceptable (though I was puzzled by how I managed to get curry drops on my back…). It’s on the arc of shops (rather hopefully) known as Setiawangsa Business Centre, near Setiawangsa McDonalds and Petronas fuel station.
Address: Jalan Setiawangsa 10, Taman Setiawangsa, 54200 Kuala Lumpur