Tong Sui Kai, which roughly translates as Dessert Alley according to fiancée, is a collection of 40 or so stalls selling Chinese food – including but far from limited to desserts. 

Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

It was recommended to us as a good place to get street food. We asked a few stall owners if they had anything vegetarian, and they all basically said no except desserts. Shame especially after driving a long way, but I don’t mind a dessert, and the crazier the better. In what was a minor feature of our Ipoh trip, the portions were bigger than we expected from KL or had added features.
Wan tan mee, Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

Wan tan mee was such a dish. It came with a bowl of fried wan tans which were apparently quite good with a lot of pork, and some nice wan tan soup, but the noodles were bland and not saved by the OK char siew (BBQ pork) slices.

Beef balls, Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

Beef ball soup was also large, despite ordering a small and came with lots of mee kuning (yellow noodles) and mee hoon (rice noodles). Fiancée thought the beef broth was alright, if not very interesting, while the beef balls were quite springy and beefy.

Ais jerry, Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

Ais jerry was the first dessert I tried, and for a right-on Sinophile like me, it turned out to be a slightly embarrassing transcription of a mis-pronunciation. It was shaved ice on a bed of lemon agar-agar jelly drizzled with lemon syrup. Refreshing on a hot night, but the jelly didn’t add much.

Ice, fruit, and ice cream, Tong Sui Kai, Ipoh

Ais buah-buahan ais krim was crazier looking, and was as described plus more. Shaved ice, fruits including mango (lovely), watermelon (bit under ripe) and pineapple (canned but fine), and vanilla ice cream – plus lashings of rose cordial, condensed milk, more agar-agar, and peanuts. A lot more substantial and more interesting. I would have this again.
After the recommendations, we were expecting more from Tong Sui Kai but nothing stood out as excellent. There are still many more stalls for meat eaters to check out, though. It has parking for RM2 and also has a seating area where you can get beers. Probably best to search for Tong Sui Kai on your satnav, as it could be a complicated route and Ipoh has patches of annoying one way system. It opens at night.
Address: Jalan Sultan Ekram, Taman Jubilee