Victoria Station is a chain of 6 restaurants across KL and its suburbs. They have been around for quite a long time, selling steaks and lobster in a British style.

Train, Victoria Station, KL

After driving past the one on Jalan Ampang at least a hundred times, we decided to try it, drawn in by the train poking out of the wall…

Carriage, Victoria Station, KL

Inside there is more train, and the seating areas are apparently meant to be reminiscent of a station (perhaps before I was born). 

Interior, Victoria Station, KL

It was established in this way because one of the original founders travelled on the tube and thought what KL needed was a railway/underground themed restaurant.

Timetable, Victoria Station, KL

One sight filled me with horror – a station timetable for the route I used to commute on for 10 years!

Mixed grill, Victoria Station, KL

Fiancée went for the mixed grill, which she described on arrival as looking like a retro pub meal. Weirdly for her, she liked the lamb cutlet most, as it was well done and subtle; she was disappointed by the beefburger and large flattened chicken breast which were both dry. The interesting bit was the chicken pate, which was fatty but OK. Less interesting were the bland and foamy chicken sausage and the over cooked egg. Accompanying vegetables and chips were fine, though the gravy was a little sweet

Nachos, Victoria Station, KL

There is virtually nothing on the menu suitable for vegetarians, so I picked a starter and a dessert. Nachos were served in a small portion, but tasted pretty good. They were topped with guacamole, sour cream and cheese, as you would expect, but also with chutney. Which you wouldn’t, but it actually worked rather well.

Crepes, Victoria Station, KL

Crepes Suzette was a non alcoholic version, using more US style pancakes than I expected and a very juicy orange sauce which seemed to have little butter and zero sugar. This would probably have been too sharp, were it not for the ice cream which saved it. Not a great example but not the worst I have had. Shame the lack of alcohol meant no fun flambé performance either.

Juice, Victoria Station, KL

In the end, the quality of the food isn’t good enough to justify the high prices, but I did enjoy the train theme (and also that they are open from 12nn to 12mn – the notation pleasing my pedantic mind!) for one visit. I won’t go back out of choice, but I didn’t regret the visit either.

Sign, Victoria Station, KL

Address: 243 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0172828666