Yellow Brick Road is a trendy place in the Damansara Heights area of KL. Fiancée tells me the space it occupies used to be filled with traditional kopitiam and hawkers, but they redeveloped it a few years back to put in a posh supermarket and upmarket eateries. 

Exterior, Yellow Brick Road, KL

YBR is a nice place, with lots of different areas to sit in – or there would be if it weren’t so popular. It serves a wide range of western (ish) dishes, many with humorous (ish) names, brought to you by a large and effective staff.
Breakfast, Yellow Brick Road, KL

Fiancée went for the big breakfast, which was impressively sized, and served in a frying pan. This came with toast, eggs, chicken or beef sausages, turkey or beef ham/bacon, beans, cherry tomatoes, hash brown, sweet potato and 3 types of mushrooms. She went for turkey ham which was standard, and chicken sausage which was not – being more like a British sausage in texture, and quite spicy.

Veggie, Yellow Brick Road, KL

My veggie breakfast was similar but the meat was swapped for an extra hash brown, 2 chunks of sweet potato and more mushroom. The beans weren’t your normal Heinz, being about 5 types of bean cooked in a nice oniony tomato sauce… exactly what I like and fiancée hates! Sweet potato and hash browns were all very well cooked, as were the poached eggs.

Mocha, Yellow Brick Road, KL

I had an iced mocha, which was tasty but small. We couldn’t work out why they didn’t add more ice to make it look more full!

Berryade, Yellow Brick Road, KL

Her mixed berry lemonade was a quite sharp lemon soda with berries blended in. My first sip sucked up about 90% pips, but after I remembered gravity it was nice. 

Interior, Yellow Brick Road, KL

YBR does very good food, in a nice environment, with friendly and helpful staff. The only reason I don’t feel able to give full marks is the cost. Breakfast and drinks for 2 was more than RM100, which I think makes it the second most expensive meal I have ever had in Malaysia (across around 3 years). However if you don’t mind spending a lot, it’s certainly a good place to dine.

Funny taps, Yellow Brick Road, KL

Address: 7 Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 0328560903