Big Tree was another recommendation which I suspected would not work out well for me! 

Seating, Big Tree, Ipoh

It’s known as a good place to get yong tau fu, which is vegetables and bean curd stuffed with spicy fish paste with pork. There appears to be a copycat place in KL, according to the signs disavowing any connection. There are also various stalls here doing noodles, pastries and pork, and one western food outlet. Sadly all of the last’s omelettes were pre-made, so they couldn’t do one without meat.

Yong tau fu, Big Tree, Ipoh

Fiancée got a yong tau fu selection to have then and take home to family. These came with a basic set of noodles and broth, which weren’t very exciting, apparently. Some of the vegetables were nicely cooked, particularly the aubergine. However, she thought the fish paste was overrated, and better is available in KL. One of the types of yong tau fu is a local speciality called sar kok liew, which is a fried cake of grated radish. Fiancée wasn’t that impressed, finding it inoffensive if sweet.

Pork, Big Tree, Ipoh

She also bought a portion of roast pork, which she thought was very good. I don’t know if this is a true criticism, but it was at least twice as big as you would get in KL for the same money!

Tarts, Big Tree, Ipoh

I had the only vegetarian option, which was custard tarts. These were very eggy, and a little undercooked. Melaka is famous for this originally Portuguese dish, so perhaps I have been spoiled…

Lime juice, Big Tree, Ipoh

If you like your lime juice seriously sour, then this is the place for you. Very little sweetness in my very big mug.
This was a second Ipoh recommendation which sadly didn’t live up to the hype. It was never really going to suit me, but fiancée was keen to try a reputed example of what is one of her favourite foods. In the end, she was a bit disappointed; Big Tree is not terrible, but not likely to be revisited. If you do want to try, it is on google maps and satnav.
Address: 652 Jalan King, Off Jalan Pasir Pinji, 31650, Ipoh, Perak

Telephone: 0125245408