Every now and again, I have decided to throw in a review of an interesting, unusual or crazy food. I have a few to kick off with, starting with a good one. Lorenz Snackworld is a German crisp factory, which makes one of my favourite European snacks: Curly, which is a peanut flavoured corn crisp and looks like a brown Wotsit. They also have a wide range of potentially interesting crisp flavours I would like to try, including mushroom, yoghurt and dill, ‘Africa style’, and a new Mexican peanut Curly. 

Asian Hot Sauce Crunchips X-Cut

However, in Norwich I found a special edition for the Polish market, Crunchips X-cut Street Food – Azjatycki Ostry Sos, or Asian Hot Sauce. The crisps themselves are ruffled so are very crunchy, and the flavouring is a savoury mix of spicy pepper, yeast extract and onion. Surprisingly spicy, I would definitely like to have these again.