I’m fond of Mexican restaurants, so thought I would give Chiquito a try, going to the outlet nestled among other chains at the Cambridge Leisure Park. I actually visited for a drink before, and my mate had one of the worst milkshakes he had ever tasted, but the food had looked OK, so we tried not to be biased. Inside is pure generic Mexican decor, with a slight difference of straw hats dotted around the room, which you are welcome to wear. The staff were pretty friendly and efficient.

Street food, Chiquito, Cambridge

As expected, it has the traditional fajitas, enchiladas and tacos, but I went for a selection of the street food. Patatas bravas were worthy of the name, with a habanero and tomato sauce; bean chilli mini tortilla stack had four slices of flatbread interspersed with beans in a savoury, rich and mild chilli sauce, topped with cheese, and rather good; feta and sweet potato mini quesadillas were not very interesting, but they were acceptable.

Enchiladas, Chiquito, Cambridge

For a change, I was dining with another vegetarian, and he went for the bean enchiladas. This was a sizeable portion, filled with the same chilli as above, and he enjoyed it, although he thought the accompanying salad was a little dull.

Fajitas, Chiquito, Cambridge

The lone omnivore went for the chicken and pork fajitas. The meat and vegetables were served on a skillet and were a little underspiced, plus there was a severe lack of pork. Despite the pleasing serving method, he wasn’t too impressed.

Juice, Chiquito, Cambridge

If you aren’t drinking alcohol then you might be up for the range of agua frescas and mocktails. I had a Yucatan Breeze, which was a pineapple and passion fruit mix, and very tasty. 

Hats on heads, Chiquito, Cambridge

Weirdly, the vegetarians did better out of Chiquito, with the nicer if a little unoriginal food. There is also quite a large range of choices for us, though vegans might find it trickier. I would be happy to return, but I won’t necessarily rush back too quickly. Chiquito is open from 09.00 and closes at 23.00 every day except Sunday, when the doors shut 30 minutes earlier.

Interior, Chiquito, Cambridge

Address: Ground floor, Cambridge Leisure Park, CB1 7DY

Telephone: 01223400170

Website: http://www.chiquito.co.uk/restaurant/cambridge-leisure-park