Mister Potato is a Malaysian snack, made by the Mamee company from my fiancée’s home town. It is also the official snack partner of Manchester United FC, curiously (their official isotonic drink is Revive, a Pepsi product regarded in Malaysia as the poor relative of the local – and brilliant – 100plus). Westerners will likely see Mister Potato as a knock off Pringles, being a tube of curved formed potato paste crisps, with a moustachioed head as its logo. In Malaysia, it has six standard flavours: original, barbecue, sour cream and onion (so far so Pringles), hot and spicy, fiery hot and spicy (that’s better), and tomato (bizarrely, these don’t have the expected ketchup flavour like US and UK crisps, or the bitter tomato flavour of European crisps, but an amazing Heinz tomato soup flavour). 

However, every now and then they bring out a limited edition, and this is one: honey cheese. Yep, honey and cheese, the crisp flavour absolutely no-one had been crying out for. These are very odd, being a subtle blend of mild sweetness and slight saltiness. Surprisingly though, I didn’t actually mind them. I obviously won’t pick them up again, as all of their other flavours are better, but it was ok to have for a change.