Jarrold is an old department store in Norwich, and it has the expected sections, including a rather nice food hall in the basement. We weren’t there for the shopping, though, preferring to visit to grab some breakfast. It actually has three restaurants, and we visited Benji’s. Benji’s is the most formal, having a breakfast menu, instead of self service, but it was relaxed enough when we visited. The staff are all young locals except the floor manager, and although inexperienced were friendly and able to help with the baby who came with us, providing lots of spoons for her to gnaw on!

Marmite soldiers, Benji’s, Norwich

I had something you don’t see very often these days – boiled eggs and marmite soldiers, which for the uninitiated are pieces of toast spread with yeast extract and cut into strips for dipping. A simple dish, but it was nice to have for a change.

Eggs, Benji’s, Norwich

Fiancée had eggs royale, which was eggs benedict with salmon instead of ham. She thought the muffin, salmon, eggs and hollandaise sauce were all very good.

Scone, Benji’s, Norwich

My sister and brother-in-law shared a cheese and local mustard scone, which was good though I always feel that restaurants and shops don’t add enough of the headline ingredients…

Bread, Benji’s, Norwich

…and a bread basket, which had a muffin, cinnamon Danish pastry, and some toast for jam. All functional.

Map, Benji’s, Norwich

I liked Benji’s as it did simple food well, and it had little touches such as a world map triptych and local soft drinks. It’s a bit expensive for what it does (our meal was about £7.50 each), but still a pleasant place to have breakfast in the town centre. It’s open from 09.00-17.00 Monday to Saturday (except Tuesday when it opens 30 minutes later) and 10.30-16.00 on Sunday.

Address: Jarrold Department Store, 1 London Street, Norwich NR2 1JF

Telephone: 01603660661

Website: http://www.jarrold.co.uk/departments/the-deli-and-restaurants/benjis