The Cromwell Lodge in Banbury was a short stop on one of our cross country journeys. Operated by Greene King, it is a classic country hotel with a restaurant and pub, built in the seventeenth century. We chose to sit in the restaurant side for a bit of seclusion, as it had a few little nooks to take advantage of.

Beef, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

Fiancée went for the Sunday roast. Beef came with mashed and roast potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and braised cabbage. Fiancée thought the beef was quite good, but the vegetables were just so-so.

Roulade, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

I agreed with her take on the vegetables, but the vegetarian roulade of apple cabbage and Brie (from the Christmas menu) which they accompanied was… interesting. Crispy exterior, soggy interior, with a blend of savoury and sweet, it had a little sourness. Not convinced I would have it again.

Cauliflower, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

For an extra pound we got three florets of cauliflower in a watery sauce with quite nice melted cheese on the top.

Fire, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

The staff were really nice and chatty, and even gave us a free glass of champagne each to celebrate a special occasion. Regarding the place itself, the pub side has some attractive artwork, plus a roaring fireplace for the winter. The restaurant isn’t as interesting, but it’s still quite a nice place. 

Art, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

There are a few places in Banbury to visit if I return there, and the food at the Cromwell Lodge wasn’t that good, so I think I’m unlikely to go back just for that, but it wasn’t bad either. It will also hold a nice memory for me!

Restaurant, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury

Address: The Cromwell Lodge, 9-11 North Bar Street, Banbury, OX16 0TB

Telephone: 01295259781


Nook, Cromwell Lodge, Banbury