Eat Real Hummus Chips: the next unusual food. Eat Real, an arm of the (excellent) Cofresh Indian snack company, was started in Kenya by an ethnic Indian couple, before they moved to the UK in the seventies. Cofresh produces a range of crisps and snacks which are all vegetarian, with some being gluten free or vegan in addition. Eat Real specialises in the healthier side of this market, making products without any artificially created additives, using chick peas, lentils and grains.

Hummus chips

These ‘hummus chips’ are the chick pea flour version, and I was given the ‘creamy dill’ flavour, apparently inspired by a Mediterranean yoghurt and dill dip. They are vegan and certified gluten free by the coeliac society. The crisps are almost shell shaped, like conchiglie pasta, and have a light dusting of white and green flavouring. I’m a big fan of dill flavoured crisps when I can get them, so I had high hopes.

A single hummus chip

The snack didn’t quite live up to expectations, being very mildly dill flavoured with a slightly sour cream style aftertaste, but they were very crunchy and pleasant enough. Of the four people who tasted them, I liked them, my nine month old niece enjoyed the two she was allowed, and the other two were indifferent. If I saw these in a supermarket I would definitely consider them again, though.