Butch Annie’s is another upmarket burger restaurant which opened in Cambridge in 2014, on the site where Carrington’s used to be. You go down the stairs into a cellar like room – when we went we were greeted by oddly miserable music, but that picked up. There are tables, a bar and booths to choose from; we opted for a booth at the back. It’s not a very brightly lit place, but they compensate a bit for that by having nice bright tiles around the place. Staff were friendly and checked on us perhaps a little too frequently. The food was middling, but in part that might have been because we made the wrong choices. I think I’ll go back to try other options. Wine was bad, beer was good.

Food, Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

My friend had an Ooh La La burger, which was beef with rocket, aioli, and cheese, plus extra bacon. He liked it, but thought maybe it needed more cheese. I went for the vegetarian Blazing Saddles, which was a beetroot burger with chilli jam, spicy mayo and fresh chillies, plus cheese. I found it spicy and sweet, but I think it would work better with meat, as the beetroot was sweet anyway.

Burger, Butch Annie’s, Cambridge

Chips with za’atar (a herby concoction with oregano and thyme among others) were greasy and the flavour didn’t suit us. Onion ‘popcorn’ was like mini onion bhajis without the spice or much of the onion. Came with a good spiced yoghurt though.

Address: 23 Market St, Cambridge CB2 3PA

Telephone: 01223 361792

Website: http://www.butchannies.com

Directions: Just off market square, opposite WHSmith

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)