Cool Bun is an upmarket burger restaurant, being a small place behind the European Commssion’s Berlaymont building. It serves a range of beefburgers, with one vegetarian option, and one each of chicken and fish, and it also has a good wine list. Staff are friendly and will accommodate changes.

I didn’t actually like the falafel burger that much – it was dry and the tahini sauce overpowering. However, my companion thought his mini-burger combo (choose 3 from the majority of the list) was good, preferring the beef over the fish and chicken but enjoying them all.

It seems they have a new outlet in St Gilles, as well.

Address: Rue Stevin 168

Telephone: +32 2 537 80 02


Directions: Schuman metro (1 or 5). Walk around the Berlaymont.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)