I seem to have lost my VT review of this place, but I have been several times so I think I can piece it together… Five Guys is a very successful and popular US chain of burger restaurants, which made it over to the UK in 2013. I had seen the queues out of the door at a couple of locations in London, but my mates told me it was much easier to get a seat at the Cambridge Leisure Park outlet. It’s set up like a diner, with lots of red and white checks, and booths to sit in. The décor is mainly positive reviews about Five Guys! You order your type of burger or hot dog at the counter, and they ask which of the 15 toppings of various sauces and vegetables you want with it.

Veggie, Five Guys, Cambridge

The vegetarian option is a little weird; it’s a bit like they turn a burger bun inside out, with the cut sides on the outside, and cheese and your toppings on the curved sides. It’s fairly ordinary, but they do have good chillies and sauces. Cajun chips are a little spicy and savoury.

Meat, Five Guys, Cambridge

My mates always have a bacon cheeseburger ‘all the way’ (with 8 selected toppings which are fairly standard for burgers) and share a hot dog. They are both convinced that these are the best beefburgers and hot dogs you can get in Britain.

That, and the friendly service you get from the staff, along with the free peanuts you get to munch on while you wait, is why I have scored it 4. If they ever bring in a ‘real’ veggie burger, it might go up.

As far as drinks go, they do a couple of American beers (one of which is good!), some rather impressive milkshakes, and they have a crazy Coke machine which allows you to put together combinations of most of the Coca-Cola range with various fruit syrups. I find Five Guys to be quite a fun place, and it will suit meat eaters well. It is open from 11.00-23.00 every day except Sundays, when it closes 30 minutes earlier.

Address: G4 Cambridge Leisure Park, Clifton Road, CB1 7DY

Telephone: 01223 211130

Website: https://www.fiveguys.co.uk/