Carlos is a kebab shop on the junction between Mill Road and Mawson Road. It’s a bit of a Cambridge fixture, having been around as long as I remember. It’s run by a friendly Turkish family and has the expected kebab restaurant menu plus pizzas; it’s halal too. The interior is as you expect; if you fancy watching Turkish football, then they usually show it Friday to Sunday at the right times. Food is good and has huge portions, but do make sure you make your order very clear, as sometimes there is (deliberate?) confusion and you might order more than you wanted.

Felafel, Carlos, Cambridge

We ordered falafel and hummous as a starter, but ended up with a falafel kebab. A pita comes stuffed with 4 falafel, hummous, cabbage, salad and their excellent chilli and garlic sauces, with a large side salad including a couple of olives and some pickled cabbage. Nice.

Veggie burger, Carlos, Cambridge

The veggie burger is a kidney bean and sweetcorn patty with salad, served with chips – ok, but with chilli sauce rather good. Mate had chicken special, which was chicken doner meat, rice, salad, and sauces with a pita bread on the side. He cleaned the plate. In the past Carlos used to do the best spicy potatoes in Cambridge, which actually came crispy, not like soggy roast potatoes.

Address: 70 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2AS

Telephone: +44 1223 309609

Directions: Halfway between Parker’s Piece and the Mill Road bridge

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)