Jamaica Blue is a cafe in the Grand Arcade/Lion Yard shopping mall. From looking at their website it appears to be an Aussie place, with outlets there, in NZ and the Middle East  -plus 3 in Malaysia which I missed while I was there! It does coffee (particularly focused on Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee) and a list of breakfasts and light meals. Breakfast is on Jamaican time, so is served until 1700!

Coffee basket lights, Jamaica Blue, Cambridge

The interior is quite modern and there are nice touches like coffee baskets hanging from the ceiling acting as lampshades. The staff are friendly, although weirdly made us get our own tap water from the serving hatch instead of bringing it with our coffees. The food was very good. A bit more expensive than the Starbucks nearby, but I think worth the extra for the quality.

Veggie, Jamaica Blue, Cambridge

I had Jamaican veggie breakfast, which I doubt anyone in Jamaica traditionally has – a stack of halloumi, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and pesto covered toast. I swapped out the mushrooms for excellently poached eggs and hash browns. Very nice indeed.

Steak sandwich, Jamaica Blue, Cambridge

Mate had steak sandwich, which had a big bit of steak, bacon, cheese and gherkins and came with a bell pepper and rocket salad. He was impressed.

Address: Lion Yard, St Tibb’s Row, Cambridge CB2 3ET

Telephone: 01223 308781

Website: http://www.jamaicablue.co.uk

Directions: Pretty much in the middle of the mall, on the ground floor.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)