Japas appears from the name to be a Japanese tapas bar, but sadly it transpires fairly logically that means sushi. Situated in a former pub (where there was once a power cut, and we had free beer by candlelight – lots of fun!), it sells a range of sushi, noodles, and rice dishes. It’s a small but attractive place, with a room for a big group at the top, and one with smaller booths and tables downstairs. Along the the back wall of this is an entertaining enamel panel wall depicting plants, hummingbirds and fish. You write your order on a piece of paper, and the staff come back soon with food. The food was mixed, with the fresh options being rather good, and the fried choices being too greasy. Worth a return visit with that in mind. They also offer an online delivery and takeaway service.

Veggie, Japas, Cambridge

Teriyaki tofu tasted nice, but had a jellyish texture, which the sweetcorn and carrot helped a little. Tempura vegetables (carrot, sweet potato, aubergine and pepper) looked really light but were too oily, as were the spring rolls. Better were the pickle, avocado and shiitake hosomaki which had really fresh crunchy veg in, and the omelette nigiri which had good sized portions of egg.

Fish, Japas, Cambridge

My friend thought the sashimi salmon was very fresh with melt in the mouth fat, but it was a little short of flavour. His favourite was the California rolls of pickle, avocado, cucumber, and crab, which had crunchy and soft textures and a lot of taste.

Address: 9 Saxon Street, Cambridge CB21HN

Telephone: 01223365321

Website: http://www.japassushi.com

Directions: From the Catholic Church, head all the way down Lensfield Road, then turn left after the Snug.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)