Mee and I is the new-ish noodle restaurant from the former head chef at Dojo, which has now closed. It serves many types of Asian food; mainly Chinese and Malaysian, but also bits of Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean. They aim to be like hawker centres in KL and Singapore, and I think the food is pretty authentic (except the price!). The restaurant itself is quite pleasant, though there is a staircase in the middle which gets in the way a bit.

Interior, Mee and I, Cambridge

Strangely for an Asian place, the music is mainly western pop, and – even stranger – the waiters are mainly western too. Service was good, and the food was generally good too and came in very large portions. I definitely want to go back to see what some of the other options are like.

Gyoza, Mee and I, Cambridge

Tempura vegetables included aubergine, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onion and pineapple (!) and was very good. I must remember to do the onion myself at some point. My friend liked his chicken gyoza, which were deep fried, crispy and full of chive flavour.

Tofu, Mee and I, Cambridge

For the main, I had Auntie Lim’s kopitiam curry, trio tofu style. This was an excellently flavoured light coconut curry with lots of veg and pineapple, complete with three types of tofu topping. The only let down was the rice which was very starchy and felt like it had been out all day.

Pork noodles, Mee and I, Cambridge

Friend had Hog’s Delight noodles, which was slightly misnamed as I don’t think the pigs would have enjoyed being turned into 6 types of pork product. He said the yaki-soba noodles were a bit underpowered, but enjoyed the chorizo, sausage, bacon, fried spam, gammon and particularly the char siu.

Address: 45 Castle Street, Cambridge, CB30AH

Telephone: 01223 363666


Directions: On Castle Hill, opposite the Castle and next to Architect pubs

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)