Hidden away near the city hall, down an unlit alley and up a set of stairs is the Pasteur Street Brewing Company. This is a small brewery selling American- and European-style craft beers, some of which have an Asian twist. It has a little restaurant attached to it, which does light meals. You can expect to see 6 beers on tap here regularly, with a couple more seasonal ones from time to time. Staff are friendly US expats and locals.

Bar, Pasteur Street Brewing Company, Ho Chi Minh City

It’s small and popular, so gets a little crowded, but if you want a better beer than you usually get in Asia, you shouldn’t miss this place. Food was OK too, though small portions. For those worrying about our health, although we tried 8 beers, PSBC does a tasting platter with 175ml glasses! Total cost for 8 small beers and two light meals was 600k VND, which was a bit expensive but worth it.

Food, Pasteur Street Brewing Company, Ho Chi Minh City

Tomato soup is quite creamy and sour, and served with a toasted cheese sandwich. The sandwich uses processed cheese slices, which could be bad except they use 4 or 5! Good combo. Jambalaya didn’t impress my fiancée, as although it had lots of types of meat and fish, it didn’t have much flavour.

Beer, Pasteur Street Brewing Company, Ho Chi Minh City

Onto the beers: Dragonfruit Goze (I guess a misspelling of Gueuze?) was sour, sweet and very light. Passion fruit wheat ale was also light with a good fruit flavour. Mulberry wheat was less fruity and more burnt and crisp. Viet My pale ale was one of my favourites: not too strong but with a balanced bitterness. Saigon Saison was more powerful, with quite a lemony flavour. Belgian Blonde ale with lemongrass was the strongest, tasting like a Rochefort with added…lemongrass, unsurprisingly. Jasmine pale ale was a delicious match of floral and bitter. Finally, their porter might be my top tip – chocolate, coffee and cream flavours. It also seemed popular with the other customers. I do wonder how much my enjoyment was due to being starved of decent beer during my time in Southeast Asia – however I think they would stand up on their own.

Address: 144 Pasteur St, District 1, HCMC

Telephone: 00838239562

Website: http://pasteurstreet.com/

Directions: From City Hall walk south, take the first left (Pasteur St), the first alley (dark) and double back on yourself to climb some stairs.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)