Prana is an Indian restaurant on Mill Road in Cambridge. It won best restaurant in the East section of the English Curry Awards, so we had high hopes. We were greeted very nicely and the level of service was generally high, although we couldn’t make ourselves understood to one waiter. It did take a long time for the food to arrive, but it’s quite a nice place to sit and chat.

Interior, Prana, Cambridge

The food was mixed, with an impression I find common to many Indian restaurants in the UK – that the starters (and elsewhere side dishes; we didn’t try any here) were better than the main courses. On the other hand, some of the dishes being served around us looked great, so we may just have picked badly. It is expensive for this type of place in Cambridge. All that means while I might go back eventually, I don’t feel I will rush to do so.

Starter platter, Prana, Cambridge

The vegetarian super banquet consisted of a huge starter platter with aloo chat (very good), 2 vegetable pancakes (probably my favourite, paratha wrapped veg mix), 2 samosas (good, with very similar veg to the previous), 1 pakora each of potato (soggy), cauliflower (bland), and aubergine (good, not slimy), and 2 cheese stuffed chillies (OK), before rice (dry, small portion), naan (average) and three main dishes.

Mains, Prana, Cambridge

The mains were very small, though after the starter, this wasn’t a bad thing, I suppose. They were green vegetables curry (very mushy, with little flavour except a light heat), aloo gobi jalfrezi (our favourite of the three, with a subtle but nice taste), and aloo chana paneer (sugary and coconutty, not to my friend’s taste, but I thought alright). On another table the tandoori paneer made me jealous.

Address: 97 Mill Road,  Cambridge, CB1 2AW

Telephone: 01223 229988


Directions: Diagonally opposite Lloyds Bank on Mill Road

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)