Rockers is a Hard Rock Cafe style diner. There are lots of platinum disc displays and suchlike on the walls, and at the back is a small hall of fame and a considerably larger wall of shame for those who have either passed or failed the food challenge. This is a triple burger (beef, chicken and veggie) with lots of onion rings and a huge bowl of chips covered in beef chilli, plus bottomless soft drinks – depending if you can eat this mammoth meal in 30 minutes, you end up on one of the displays and either pay nothing or £35. Both ways you get a T-shirt from the restaurant. Too much for me, even if I ate meat.

Beer, Rockers, Cambridge

Anyway, it’s a nice enough place, with staff who do an ok job. The food is alright, and they have a Welsh beer which I enjoyed. It is a bit much to charge £1 for some of the extra toppings which you might find as standard in most places. Sauces on the other hand are 50p for quite a lot – easily enough to share with a couple of friends. They also have another outlet at the Cambridge Leisure Park. We went there and my friends had steaks good enough to boost the score to a four; if you eat meat, have them instead of burgers.

Veggie, Rockers, Cambridge

I had a veggie burger with pickles and chillies. Fairly standard, but substantial. My friend had a ‘Juicy Lucy’ – where the patty is stuffed with cheese – with bacon. Again he thought it was ok. Both come with thin chips, which went well with the habanero sauce and garlic mayo.

Meat, Rockers, Cambridge

Steaks done medium and medium well at the Leisure Park were very well received, served with chunky chips and a large rocket salad. Blue cheese and pineapple is a good combo for the burgers too, by the way.

Interior, Rockers, Cambridge

Address: 52 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2AS and Cambridge Leisure Park, Clifton Way, CB1 7DY

Telephone: 01223 300052 and 01223 247777


(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)