First of all, apologies for the bad photos due to low lighting and my mate apparently being unable to operate a camera phone!

The Grain and Hop Store is a Greene King pub on the edge of Parker’s Piece. It started out as the Whitbread run Hogshead, popular with students, had a brief period as the Hog’s Head, and then became the Avery with one of the first late opening licenses in Cambridge. Sadly it was best known for many years as the site of the abduction of a student who was later raped and murdered. Since 2015 it has been known by its new name. It is still very studenty, and has a bit of a weird atmosphere. It runs comedy nights which I haven’t yet been to and has a big screen and a small seating area to watch live football.

Steak, The Grain and Hop Store, Cambridge

The range of beers is very large, and the food is the slightly posher version of the GK menu. The food was middling at best, and while I didn’t have any problems with the staff, who were operating in woefully understaffed conditions, my companions did – even to the point of the chef complaining about a complaint regarding his food, and one of the barmen shoving one of my friends to make his point! As a result I’d be happy not to return here, despite the good beer.

Pasta, The Grain and Hop Store, Cambridge

Macaroni cheese was a bare minimum example, topped with formerly dried shallots which really shouldn’t have been baked to the point of sogginess. Not worth 8 quid. Friend’s BBQ cheese chicken was OK, with one breast and one leg served with a mix of thin chips and sweet potatoes.

Blurry chicken, The Grain and Hop Store, Cambridge

Other friend’s medium ribeye was served charcoaled, which triggered the complaint mentioned above (and he did get a refund, eventually). It came with thick potato and sweet potato chips and a couple of grilled tomatoes. The sausage roll he also had was fine, though the ketchup it came with arrived in a pretty little pot it was impossible to dip the roll in. Bit odd that.

Address: Regent Terrace, Cambridge, CB2 1AA

Telephone: 01223 323405


Directions: In between Regent Street and Parker’s Piece.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)