The Waterman is a curious pub in Cambridge, out on Mitcham’s Corner. It is one of the more local feeling pubs I have been in for a while. The decor is fairly crazy, with the odd fish tank here and there, an area with cactuses, and one wall having a beautiful 17th century map presumably printed specially for it. They had pleasing old fashioned place mats with Victorian biological drawings.

Mat, The Waterman, Cambridge

They do Chinese food on Tuesdays, and have a Chinese cook, and his influence appeared in my food; the majority of their food is pub classic. We were there on a Monday, sadly. Food was passable pub food, and ok value for money. The one staff member there was a cheeky chap, and helpful enough. Maybe I will try the Chinese food in future.

Quorn, The Waterman, Cambridge

I had veggie sausage and champ (an Irish dish, I think, of potato and spring onion similar to bubble and squeak or colcannon). It was made with quorn sausages, instant mash and instant gravy, I reckon, and tasted fine. The cook had dumped a load of spring onion on the top, Chinese style, which I enjoyed.

Chicken burger, The Waterman, Cambridge

My mate had a chicken ‘fillet’ (breaded and fried) burger, American style, with a gherkin on the top (!), salad inside, and skin on chips beside. He described it as solid but uninspired. Chilean Sauvignon blanc was good, though.

Interior, The Waterman, Cambridge

Address: 32 Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AX

Telephone: 01223 323813


Directions: Head from town towards Chesterton Road. It’s on the left as you enter Mitcham’s Corner.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)