Another unusual drink, again donated by my brother-in-law. This one is by the Arizona company which makes oversized cans and bottles of various soft drinks. This one is a more than double volume can of cream soda, appropriately emblazoned with a couple of images of the enormous former basketball player and rapper, Shaquille O’Neal (we are informed it is a big can for a big man).

Shaq facts

This makes it a Shaqazona, apparently. There are also a couple of facts you might find interesting to mull over as you imbibe: he is a national spokesperson for boys and girls clubs of America, and he has size US23 shoes.

Shaq soda

On to the drink itself, I was surprised to see it was a pale yellow brown colour, quite fizzy, and with a subtle vanilla smell. I am more used to cream soda being clear and having a very strong scent, so that was different. Soda Shaq isn’t really that interesting otherwise, as it tastes sweet and a bit vanilla-y like cream soda normally does. On the other hand it is made with natural ingredients, which might appeal. I will probably give it a miss in future.