Here is an interesting snack from Malaysia, from the House of Snacks, Miaow Miaow. This company mainly sells domestically and in Asia, but you can sometimes find some of their products in Asian supermarkets in the UK, particularly their prawn corn snacks. Sadly most of their wares aren’t vegetarian, but these green pea snacks are.

Miaow Miaow Green Pea Snack

These are very similar in look – if you ignore the colour! – to Wotsits, and they are also a corn based snack. They are, however, slightly smaller, denser, and crunchier than the more familiar brand, and have a strong odour and flavour of canned peas, which at first taste seems really weird. I really liked them, which was a good thing as the packet was enormous! Friends in the UK were not quite as happy as I was, but I will definitely look out for these again.

Green Pea Snack close up