Old Farmosa (spelling as they do, after an old name for Melaka) is a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in the Bukit Beruang area of Melaka. It serves asian food, and has a very varied menu. Most dishes are made with mock meat/fish, but some are just vegetables. The staff are just as attentive as you need, speaking more English than most restaurateurs in the area, and the decor is quite good, with lots of Buddhist proverbs to aspire to as you eat. There is a small shop section which sells a selection of vegetarian ingredients too.

Interior, Old Farmosa, Melaka

On to the food – it is excellent. I’ve been dozens of times now, trying a huge variety of different dishes, and they’ve all been good to delicious. Put simply, I don’t recall a better vegetarian restaurant. It’s a little out of town, but definitely worth a visit. Normally I post some pics and review the meals I have had, but here I will first suggest my favourite choices for a table of four!

Curry and vegetables, Old Formosa, Melaka

Get a small bowl of rice each, and have medium portions of each of the mutton curry (dark and rich, with mushroom based chewy mock mutton and potatoes and carrots; the yam ring with sweet and sour mock meat (crispy yam filled with excellent sweet and sour, served on a bed of puffed rice noodles called ho fun); tom yam baked ‘fish’ (sour tomato and okra curry over a big slice of mock fish); and butter abalone mushrooms (large thin slices of abalone mushroom in light batter, drizzled with a rich butter and chilli sauce).

CNY starters and a yam ring, Old Farmosa, Melaka

If you are in town around Chinese New Year, there is a set meal of yee sang*; starter selection with pandan ‘chicken’ (chewy and smoky), ‘pork offal’ sausage (made with yam, nice), breaded ‘chicken’ chop, mini yam samosas, and a sesame hoi sin carrot dish (which was meant to represent roast suckling pig); yam ring with cashew ‘chicken’; chilli ‘kidneys’ (weird cleaving texture); mutton curry and tom yam fish from my favourites; and ‘chicken’ and vegetables in soy sauce.

Cashew yam, Old Farmosa, Melaka

*Yee sang is a collection of crispy snacks, fruit, veg, and sauce, which you have at CNY for good luck. As a group you use chopsticks to mix everything together by lifting it all into the air and dropping it back on – or off – the plate, while cheering ‘huat ah!’.  I wish I had taken pics of this here – look at my Fat Lee review to explain that!

Some favourites, Old Farmosa, Melaka

Other dishes we have tried and enjoy include oatmeal ‘prawns’, four seasons vegetables, fried rice, fried noodles, chilli kangkung (ok, fiancée likes that more than me) – it is all good.

Because some people like green food, Old Farmosa, Melaka

If you are in Melaka and want vegetarian food, don’t miss Old Farmosa. My non-vegetarian ‘family in law’ goes regularly because the food is that good.

Another yam ring, Old Formosa, Melaka

Address: Jalan Emas, Taman Bukit Melaka, Melaka