Baru Lee restaurant, known by locals as Fat Lee’s, is a very traditional looking Chinese place, with a large downstairs area and a huge upstairs, capable of holding many large groups. We went there for Chinese New Year luncheon, so the menu was a bit different from normal. The staff are very good, attending to everything you need and even making small changes to some of the dishes to make them vegetarian. The interior is cavernous but fairly pretty. Food was good too. I would be interested in trying it on a normal day. I don’t know the cost, as the meal was paid for. (No pork, alcohol served but you can also bring your own)

Yee sang before, Baru Lee, Melaka

We started with yee sang, an orderly pile of melon, peach, sesame, mayo, crispy bits, carrot, cabbage and lettuce (with salmon thoughtfully left to one side). All the guests then have to use chopsticks to toss the ingredients together and make it as messy as possible while shouting ‘Huat Ah!’. Sweet with the odd savoury edge, I liked it. Before and after pics, er, before and after this paragraph.

Yee sang after, Baru Lee, Melaka

As a vegetarian, I was given a plate of fried rice, which went well with pumpkin tofu (fried tofu, not too chewy or mushy in a rich – if slightly slimy – pumpkin sauce, with broccoli) and bean curd with pak choi (light soy sauce). The most popular dish was the fish stew, followed by duck and chicken, while the least favourite was the butter prawns which were only OK. Dessert was red bean soup which was sweet and beany. Not to my taste but my companions loved it.

Interior, Baru Lee, Melaka

We went back the next year, and the menu was the same for CNY – still good food, but this time around the staff were a bit more eager to rush us away. A few days later, while we were eating at Infasha, Fat Lee bought our dinner, but honestly, the bulk of this review was written before that!

Address: 28 Jalan Sri Rama, Taman Muzaffar Shah

Directions: Head out of town towards Ayer Keroh. Instead of going left to the toll, or right to Bukit Beruang, go straight over a hill and enter the first Taman on the right. Drive to the opposite corner and you’ll find Fat Lee’s.