This review is a local favourite at which I have never seen any tourists, probably because there isn’t much around to see apart from this place and occasionally a night market.

Coconuts, Batu Berendam Coconut Shake, Melaka

Batu Berendam Coconut Shake does coconut water milkshakes for RM3.20. They have a small shop and a large marquee. The place itself isn’t inspiring, but the shakes are absolutely delicious and probably my favourite example of this (Melaka has a few places which specialise in coconut shakes).

Shakes, Batu Berendam Coconut Shake, Melaka

They come with ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Interior, Batu Berendam Coconut Shake, Melaka

If you want to have some food, BBCS will let you order from one of the nearby restaurants, too. One last nice touch is that they provide free refills of coconut water.

Free refill, Batu Berendam Coconut Shake, Melaka

I have heard a rumour that they have done something to make it less good – put up the price, or iced the refill coconut water, or reduced the amount of ice cream – but I haven’t been back recently to check. If you know, let me know in the comments.

Address: Jalan Batu Berendam

Directions: In between Ayer Keroh and Melaka town centre.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)