You’ll see a few of the following type of visit over the next few months: Escape Rooms. Back in the early 2000s, and possibly beforehand, basic Flash internet games began to spread with a simple mechanism. The first I remember was the Red Room, but there were probably others. In these games, you ‘awoke’ in a locked room and had to hunt for objects and clues in order to ‘escape’. There might, for instance be a combination lock on the door, and you would have to find batteries under a sofa cushion to fit in the TV remote you found in the freezer, allowing you to work the TV which gives you a code…

Door, HintHunt, Euston

Anyway, Hint Hunt in Euston is one of these games in real life. A team of 3-5 people is locked in one of two types of room, with a sixty minute timer, and the players have to find the things they need to escape. We played the Zen room, so the puzzles and setting were Japanese in nature. It was nicely laid out, with quite a variety of puzzles which needed to be solved in different ways, though I won’t go into detail here as I do not want to spoil anything. For the same reason, they asked us not to take pictures of the interior, so I didn’t. There is also a screen which shows you the time and on which appear tips from the staff. They were quite good at their briefing, but I did feel they provided hints too early – as a result when we won, escaping the room with just under five minutes to spare, it felt a bit hollow to me. 
Hint Hunt runs games beginning from 11.30 to 20.15 every day; allow some time before and after for briefing and (hopefully) victory photos. Book at their website in advance. It costs between £75 (3 people, Mon-Thu) to £108 (5 people, Fri-Sun).
Address: 72 Eversholt Street, London (Euston) NW11BY 
Telephone: 02036893188 
Directions: turn left out of the main exit of Euston station and walk down the steps past Marks and Spencer. Turn left, and it is 100m down the road on your right, just before the Prince Arthur pub.