By virtue of regular visits, and thus having more recent photos of them to add to my VT reviews, I have reviewed three of my favourite places in Melaka in a row. I’m sure the scores will drop off again soon. Because I have only ever visited at night and like to sit outside, most of my photos here are awful…

Exterior, Pak Putra, Melaka

Pak Putra is a tandoori chicken restaurant which also specialises in naan breads. I’m told the chicken is really good, and PP serves dozens of them each night, but it’s the naans I go for. 

Tandoori chicken, Pak Putra, Melaka

Their triple cheese naan is brilliantly cheesy, but light and fluffy too. It’s served with dhal or chicken curry, but I’d recommend having another curry from the menu. 

Aloo jeera, Pak Putra, Melaka

Their palak paneer doesn’t seem to have any cheese, but is a nice, spicy, buttery spinach dip which goes well with the naan, while the jeera potato is subtle if you have the dry version and a bit punchier if you have the wet.

Seating, Pak Putra, Melaka

It’s a very busy place, with about 50 tables in the street, and quite long waits, but it’s definitely worth it for the naans. The staff can be hard to get the attention of as it is so busy, but they’re OK. The prices are a little bit above normal mamak prices, but the quality is very high.

Naan, Pak Putra, Melaka

The Jasin naan is named after a neighbouring town in Melaka state – crammed with cheese, potato, garlic, chilli and parsley, it’s my new favourite naan worldwide!

Lassi, Pak Putra, Melaka

Order with a big mango lassi, which is a great example of how to do this drink, and you’ll be pleased.

Cooks, Pak Putra, Melaka

You can watch the naans being made and put in the tandoor outside the restaurant. Pak Putra is only 8 minutes away from Jonker Walk, and I think it’s worth making the trip for the best naans available.

Address: Jalan Laksamana 4, Melaka

Telephone: +6012 601 5876

Directions: Walk away from Jonker Street towards the Casa del Rio hotel, walk past it and follow the road round. It’s about 5 minutes walk from the hotel, on your right. It’ll be where the huge group of people is.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)

Another shot, Pak Putra, Melaka