Veggie D very much feels like a converted home when you’re inside, which is odd because I’m sure it’s on a shop lot. It’s another Bukit Beruang vegetarian place. The staff were friendly, but I don’t think they spoke any English so I was lucky I had my fiancée with me. They serve a range of Chinese, Malay and western food. It was good and not expensive so we returned.

Burger, Veggie D, Melaka

First time around, I had a veggie chicken cheese burger which I really enjoyed, though that could have been because it was the first western burger I hadn’t made myself for more than a year at that time! Fiancée went for a fungus broth which was a bit subtle for me.

Huge crispy noodles and more, Veggie D, Melaka

Later I tried the Chinese food. I had spicy potato (sweet, spicy) with rice and veg, and fiancée had deep fried mee hoon (thin rice noodles) with thick egg drop soup. Both good, plus check the picture of the noodles with Coke can for scale!

Address: Jalan Bukit Melaka 1/6