Welkom Food Court at Freeport A’Famosa is one of the worst I’ve been to. I like food courts normally, due to the ease of eating with a bunch of friends (everyone can get the food they want quickly and meet in the middle), but I can’t see myself using this one ever again. The PappaRich on site will be much better and won’t feel like a bureaucrat’s canteen dream.

Veg stall, Welkom, Melaka

The first problem is the stupid payment system, which seems to be more prevalent these days. You have to queue up to get a card and load it with cash; queue up at each stall individually to use that card; and take it along with receipts (don’t lose one or, as happened to the people in front of me, despite it being an electronic system they might dispute your refund) to a different desk to get the balance refunded.

Seating, Welkom, Melaka

The next was the food, which was expensive for what you got – bland and/or watery food served by people who hate their job and seem to hate you. It was bleak. Most of the choices weren’t available despite being there quite early. You can see that the locals go elsewhere from the sparse ‘crowds’.

Bad curry, Welkom, Melaka

Vegetarian curry was watery but could have been ok if they had concentrated it. Plum drink was fine, if very expensive.

Bad chicken, Welkom, Melaka

Chicken rice apparently tasted of very little, while I’m told the spring greens and fish balls were tolerable.

Address: Freeport A’Famosa, Simpang Empat, Melaka

Directions: At one end of the complex. But please don’t give them your custom.