Western D Town is a relatively new restaurant selling the Malaysian idea of western food. In practice this means pasta and meat dishes, but with just enough weirdness you don’t forget that you’re in Asia! We sat outside, so I didn’t see much of the place, but it seemed from a glance like a standard canteen restaurant over here. Staff were fine, though the kitchen wasn’t as meals arrived over the course about 30 mins, so some people had finished before others had started. Range of prices from RM10.50 for basic pasta to RM28 for fried noodles with rib eye steak.

Pasta, Western D Town, Melaka

I had linguine aglio olio, which came with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mushrooms in a peppery oil without much garlic, topped with diced tomatoes and red cabbage. OK.

Steak, Western D Town, Melaka

The rib eye came with fried potatoes and onions, a fruit salad (Malaysia!) and a pepper sauce. I’m told it was was a little overdone, but had good flavour. Linguine pollo had chicken in a cream and broccoli sauce, which was rich and savoury, I hear. Salmon came pan-fried with a bed of linguine and diced tomatoes. Chicken cordon bleu here is stuffed with cheese and turkey instead of ham. Served with mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and fruit salad, it was regarded as the joint best with the rib eye (featured image).

Bruschetta, Western D Town, Melaka

Finally the bruschetta was 3 slices of good garlic bread topped with a little tomato and a slice of Kraft cheese. Still good.

Try the tembikai with lychee to drink – watermelon juice, with a good portion of lychees to have as dessert.

Address: 23 Jalan TTC 26, Melaka

Website: https://www.facebook.com/WesternDTown2206/

Directions: Opposite Giant Supermarket in Taman Teknologi Cheng.