Coffeeology is a relatively new place (opened 2014) which is pretty nicely decorated and comfortable. It serves a wide range of (non alcoholic) drinks and has a menu of local and western dishes. Or rather it used to – about half the options have been crossed off, or were unavailable on the day (it appears this is a regular problem, according to Facebook reviews). There isn’t a large amount of choice for vegetarians, but there was a crazy option which you’ll see.

Seating, Coffeeology, Melaka

The food was aptly described by one of us as plain; meaning there hasn’t been anything done in the cooking process to elevate the meal above its constituent parts. Staff were OK, but seemed a bit put out we kept choosing things they had run out of, and two dishes arrived very late and cold. I advise going for drinks rather than food, as it is a nice place – however, I understand that their breakfast is meant to be good so may try it in future.

Ice cream on chips, Coffeeology, Melaka

Ice cream on chips (!) was weird, not unpleasant but you can see why nowhere else does it. Garlic bread was three small bits of bread grilled with a mild chilli and garlic oil. Mushroom soup was very creamy and had an odd texture, something like sago pudding.

Chicken, Coffeeology, Melaka

Fiancée said the lemon butter chicken wasn’t lemony enough. It was served with plain rice, a fried egg and some mix-your-own coleslaw.

Popcorn drink, Coffeeology, Melaka

We also had a caramel popcorn drink, which was a scoop of nut ice cream floating on root beer with popcorn and caramel syrup. Interesting idea, bit dull in practice. Their iced and hot coffees are good, though.

Address: 23 Ixora Condominium, Melaka
Directions: Opposite the entrance to Bukit Beruang Utama.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)