Most of the Indian places in Melaka are mamaks (cheap, canteeny places with a small range which are great, to be fair), and while some places have a bit more choice, I was keen to find a restaurant which offered more of a UK curry house experience.

Fact photos, D Tandoori, Melaka

D’Tandoori does. It has an understated facade, and is small inside, but has nice Indian decor and the traditional music (sadly no moving waterfall painting). Dotted around the walls were little information boards and black and white pictures of Melakan history. Also worth noting were the nice tablecloths…

Tablecloth, D Tandoori, Melaka

The sole front of house guy was fine, and suitably apologetic when 2 of the dishes I wanted had run out. Food was good but not as good as the better places in KL; however it was a pleasant experience and I’ll probably return in time.

Food, D Tandoori, Melaka

We had malai kofta which was a better example than most with lots of cumin and cream, but not sweet, though we only got two kofta; aloo gobi which was spicier than normal, so good; biryani rice was below average but smelled great; double cheese naan was chewy and gooey; FiancĂ©e’s tandoori chicken was very juicy. Mango lassi tasted like it was made from young mango, so more refreshing than most.

Address: 273 Jalan Melaka Raya 3, Melaka


Directions: In the Melaka Raya complex, it’s not at the coastal side, but inland, close to the middle of the north edge. It’s next to a chicken rice ball shop which seems pretty famous.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)

Interior, D Tandoori, Melaka