The Daily Fix is a cafe opened up in the back room of one of the souvenir shops on Jonker Walk. It’s a very pretty place with lots of quirky elements, for example the table made from a sewing machine. There’s an outdoor area with lots of antique porcelain glued to the wall, and indoors there is a traditional swing chair. The staff are quite friendly, though it took a while for our drinks to arrive. The food mainly consists of all day breakfast options; it and the drinks were so-so (with one exception), which brought down the score – if they improve the food and drink, this could be a top place in Melaka.

Outside, The Daily Fix, Melaka
It was very busy with tourists and locals even on a weekday, and only opens from 10-5.30, so if you want to visit you may have to pick your time carefully. It really is a very nice place to relax, though.

Sugary sandwich, The Daily Fix, Melaka
I had an egg and cheese sandwich, which was ok apart from the dusting of icing sugar (?!); while…

The Lot, The Daily Fix, Melaka
…fiancĂ©e had ‘the lot’ which was a cross between a full English and an American breakfast. The mushrooms, tomatoes, beef bacon and chicken sausage were very salty, the pancakes cold (refrigerator cold) but nice, the eggs and beans ok. No bread…

Counter, The Daily Fix, Melaka
The best drink was a Christmas special, with berries and berry cordial and sparkling water. Very refreshing. Coffees were fine but not special; they do coffee with rose syrup which I didn’t try but probably would have had I seen it (almost certainly terrible, but I like a crazy drink).

Address: 55 Jalan Hang Tuah (Jonker Walk), Melaka

Directions: Walking along Jonker Walk from Hard Rock Cafe, about halfway down, keep an eye out on the left for a souvenir shop with a TV outside, with a sign saying Daily Fix. It’s through this shop at the back.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)