I’ve upgraded Wasabi, as on a recent visit I saw they had updated the menu and added some excellent new vegetarian options, oddly called vegan despite some containing egg. Unrelated to the British chain of the same name (which I will get around to reviewing at some point), Wasabi is a family run restaurant which sells Japanese food. It’s very popular, which is telling given there are 2 other Japanese places on the same road which don’t seem as busy (in fact since the original review one has closed and become a Chinese BBQ).

Interior, Wasabi, Melaka

Inside is typically Japanese restaurant in style, with lanterns and artwork, but it’s nice enough. The staff all seem to be part of the same family, and we were served by lots of friendly people including a ten year old girl! The food was good and varied, with a surprisingly large range for vegetarians – I reckon I could visit here at least 3 more times without having to repeat choices, though of course they are variations on a theme.

Exterior, Wasabi, Melaka

The logo is worth mentioning, as it’s a person in traditional Japanese attire, with a piece of sushi for a head. Fun.

Sushi, Wasabi, Melaka

I enjoyed my omelette, corn and egg sushi. Pickle sushi was ok, while asparagus sushi only used the woody part – I think asparagus tip sushi could be delicious. Companions’ Saba shioyaki fish (I think a type of mackerel with a soy sauce) was apparently very good and disappeared in seconds, while the seafood soup was also well enjoyed. I’m told the fish sushi with mango was better than the crab sushi with vegetables.

Japanese food, Wasabi, Melaka

On our second trip, tempura and udon veggie bento set had delicious carrot, pumpkin, okra, asparagus and aubergine tempura, bland udon with mushrooms, seaweed and greens (improved by adding chilli salt) and green vegetable sushi. Kim chi fish head soup, teriyaki salmon head and crab meat salad were very popular with the fish eaters.

New additions to the menu in 2018 include a mango, apple, pineapple and crispy bits sushi, which was really interesting and great tasting…

…mock chicken floss (hair thickness deep fried pumpkin) in three types of sushi, one of which at the top of the pic above – I had two, greedily, the inari and the maki, and they were crunchy, savoury and sweet…

…and tofu skin maki rolls which were chewy and slightly honey flavoured.

Address: 32, Jalan MP2, Taman Melaka Permai, Melaka

Directions: From Batu Berendam, go past McDonalds and turn left at the traffic lights into Taman Merdeka Permai. It’s on your right, but you’ll have to U turn and come back.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)