Famosa Cafe and Restaurant is a hawker centre opposite the Bukit Baru food court. You can get the usual Malaysian classics here such as roti, rice, noodles and soups. It’s very busy, so the staff can be brusque, plus they sometimes forget about your order until you remind them. I was informed by one of my dining companions that the service was legendarily bad.

Roti stall, Famosa Food Court, Melaka

It also takes a while for tables to be cleaned (and chairs – mine was covered in dry curry). Food is probably the cheapest around, and as is to be expected varies in quality between stalls. I’d suggest going to the slightly more expensive Bukit Baru food court, though, as there’s a marked jump in quality for not much more money.

Thosai, Famosa Food Court, Melaka

Roti canai was standard, served with a bland dhal. Thosai (known as Dosa in the UK) was sour like I like it but not crispy at all – maybe the soggiest I have had. I asked for it with vegetarian curry, and was given chicken and fish as well – normally I don’t mind, but when they’ve poured it into the dhal it is annoying. GF’s seafood noodle soup was OK, and I’m told the chicken with rice balls was fine. I missed taking photos of their food.

Outside seats, Famosa Food Court, Melaka

Address: Jalan Hoe Choong, Melaka
Directions: Use the M39 road into Melaka, and take the second right after the Kawasaki garage, past the Rally Club Karaoke on your right and turn right. It’s on the left, opposite the Bukit Baru food court.

(A version of this review was originally posted by me on VT)