Dim Sum Garden is a dim sum restaurant (surprise!) in Bukit Tempurong, just outside the city centre. It is open for breakfast and lunch. Staff are nice, but mainly speak Chinese. It’s a pleasant enough place to spend a bit of time. The staff come around with a tray from the steamer or the oven, or a trolley with some of the delicate options. Pick what you like and they’ll tick it off on a wipe clean plastic tally card. A good way to share food with friends, though not much vegetarian as expected. A bit expensive at about RM22 per person.

More food, Dim Sum Garden, Melaka

Egg yolk pao was very full of the eggy lotus seed paste, and was very good. Sweet, rich and eggy. Chee cheong fun kosong is small rolls of rice pancake in soy sauce, without filling (kosong means empty or zero; you can have pork paste or prawn), and they are a bit dull. “Carrot cake” is chunks of radish paste stir fried with egg and chilli, which wasn’t as good here as elsewhere in Melaka. Egg tarts are small sweet custard tarts, stolen from the Portuguese, and are quite nice.

Interior, Dim Sum Garden, Melaka

The yong tau fu selection of vegetables and bean curd stuffed with fish and pork was apparently pretty good, as was the prawn won ton.

Address: 3 Jalan Tamby Abdullah, Melaka
Telephone: +6062816204
Website: https://www.facebook.com/dimsumgarden/timeline